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Tracy Howe


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Education Dynamics, GoalQuest, Laine Meyers Marketing, Young & Rubicam. Account management at Young & Rubicam in Detroit, focused on automotive and youth marketing. Sales and Marketing for Link Magazine, which was ultimately acquired by Viacom and became MTVu. Founded GoalQuest in 2000 with Peter Kraft, acquired by Education Dynamics in 2007. Founded SequentialT in 2009 with Peter Kraft and John Kiely.

Tracy has been married to Peter Kraft for 12 years and lives in Frenchtown, NJ with Taylor (9), Macallan (8), Hunter (2), and Ryder (1). Tracy grew up on a horse farm in Michigan so horses and dogs are part of her life- she loves spending time in the barn with the horses, is a competitive show jumper and loves to work out. Tracy recently ran her first half-marathon (and swears she'll never do it again). Also enjoys skiing, tennis, golf and spending time with the kids.

Tracy Howe